Chief IoT/Cloud Architect, Home Automation Robotics

According to a recent report by Zacks, the global robotic systems market, which was worth about $5.5B in 2011, will reach $13.5B by 2018. Tamara Walsh of Motley Fool writes, ’93Robots are fast becoming a critical part of various industries around the world. Robotics to make their businesses more efficient. ’94 And their homes.

Long-term winners in the robotics market will be those who continue to drive technical innovation of practical benefit to customers, and sustain a strong defense strategy against the competition.

As our client company continues to grow rapidly, and transition to a more software and internet-centric engineering environment and cloud-based, connected-home model, it needs strong, expert technical guidance in IoT architecture and the accompanying infrastructure to extend its track record of dependable high-quality delivery and practical innovation. Towards this end, it has created a new innovation lab, a ’93Tiger Team ’94 that will rapidly explore and validate new technology market opportunities, from early proof-of-concept to fully functional prototypes placed into customer trials. Key areas in the company ’92s development are the expansion from stand-alone robots with embedded-only processing to pervasively connected devices offering rich functionality through smart apps, and the large-scale distribution of computing across multiple systems for the Connected Home. The Senior IoT/Cloud Architect will be a key strategic and technical leader in helping to accomplish this.


Help map out and build systems to support this new generation of IoT products and capabilities. Purview includes all software and systems from the connection to the robot on up, from the communication protocol (via Wi-Fi and/or cellular), to multiple Cloud instances, to the interface with the end-user app.

Participate from concept ideation to prototype delivery and customer trials. Help brainstorm new concepts, translate desired functionality into technical requirements, define the system architecture and rapidly develop options and proof of concepts to assess feasibility.

Lead the exploration into 3d party vendors and partners and manage them effectively, and provide make-or-buy recommendations along with the required budget and schedule.

For projects selected for customer trial, manage all external and internal new development around connectivity, Cloud and end-user apps to deliver rich functional product experiences.

Interface with core engineering group to identify options to leverage internal solutions where possible, as well as map out the transition of systems from prototype to full product development.

Contribute to the company ’92s culture of innovation, sharp focus on customer benefit and personal commitment to delivering the exceptional.


  • Experience in designing and successfully implementing Cloud-based systems, particularly with connected IoT devices in high volumes.
  • In-depth working experience with AWS platform and tools for IoT devices.
  • Experience with high-bandwidth, high-speed, low-latency systems, including video streaming.
  • Experience managing internal teams and external software development and solution provider teams, especially in rapid development projects.
  • A broad understanding of Machine to Machine (M2M), devices, cloud and field gateways, data analytics, web and mobile development, and many of the areas encompassed in an end-to-end IoT implementation.
  • Someone who thrives in a dynamic environment, is able to assess quickly emerging trends and options, filter them down to pragmatic solutions for the present, pivot as new learning emerges, and develop a vision of the path to future.
  • 10+ years overall experience in software development, familiarity with Agile preferred.
  • Ability to think strategically and maintain a positive, flexible mindset in response to change.
  • Consumer product experience strongly preferred.
  • BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering, MS preferred.

Selling Points

Key technical leadership role for a newly created, entrepreneurial Tiger Team within a global leader in consumer robotics offering the opportunity to help create the vision for, and bring to reality, cutting-edge, industry-leading Connected Home technology products from design through working prototype.

Opportunity to work with an entrepreneurial team of some of the brightest, most capable technical innovators in consumer robotics whose combined efforts will drive the company, and the industry, into the next generation of Connected Home automation.