1. What are the patterns and keynotes of his or her overall experience?
  2. What specifically are the accomplishment patterns?
    1. Did they occur only in specific settings or points in his or her career?
    2. Are similar ones repeated?
    3. Are there career turns when new types of accomplishments show?
    4. Are the accomplishments solo, in a group or corporate?
    5. Are they strategic, technical, project-oriented, people-oriented, administrative?
    6. Are they unique or against the odds in any way?
    7. Are they “from the ground up” or in “turnaround situations”?
    8. Are they impressive?
  3. How relevant to your company and the specific job is the experience?
  4. What is the progression logic of his or her career choices?

Accomplishment Patterns, Career Arc, Clarity, Relevance

  1. How long are the tenures?
  2. Are there any idiosyncrasies or gaps?
    1. Is all the time accounted for?
    2. Are dates of graduation next to the degrees?
    3. Were there times when s/he was working more than one job?
    4. Has s/he combined more than one job under one heading?
  3. Is the overall presentation cogent, compelling?
  4. Is it well written, without misspellings, typos or over-inflated language?
  5. Has s/he done a good job of presenting him or herself fairly but assertively?
    1. Does it grab you initially?
    2. Is it well done graphically?
    3. Is it well organized?
    4. Is it accomplishment-oriented?
    5. Can you tell how s/he is positioning him or herself?
    6. Does some sense of individual style or personality come out?
    7. Is it succinct but thorough?
  6. Does s/he have experience at any of your competitors, or at companies where you know people who might be references?

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