The overall interview goal is to inform, become informed, determine the mutual suitability, interact in a collaborative fashion, and have the option at the end of the cycle to accept or refuse an offer.

  • What three or four points from among my accomplishments, technical strengths and personal /leadership qualities should they know about me if they know nothing else?
  • What should they know about my goals and attitudes?
  • Be prepared to track time to ensure that the above points are conveyed in the allotted time.

What to anticipate

  • Be prepared to handle questions about anything that could be an issue or vulnerability in your background. This could include short tenures, failed companies or products, gaps in your resume, etc. Think about the beneficial aspects of these experiences, i.e. what you learned, how it demonstrates you’re not afraid of risk, etc. Don’t be defensive; be prepared to talk about self-improvement.
  • Do your homework about the company, its technology and market, as well as your interviewers.
  • Use the interview, in part, as a building block for a future working relationship.
  • Approach it as a challenge to enjoy and learn from.

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