1. Presumes interest, doesn’t sell the opportunity or company
  2. Oversells the opportunity, creating inappropriate expectations
  3. Doesn’t seek, probe, verify inconsistencies or partial answers
  4. Doesn’t seek specific illustrations of assertions
  5. Doesn’t come into the interview with clear goals
  6. Interviewing is one-way street, all questions, no answers
  7. Isn’t prepared for a candidate’s probing questions
  8. Interrupts

Look out for…

  1. Doesn’t keep time, or intervene to keep interview on course
  2. Doesn’t spend a moment in the beginning establishing a rapport
  3. Doesn’t seek additional opinions on candidates
  4. Doesn’t spend time analyzing the discussion afterward
  5. Discourteous
  6. Doesn’t offer feedback or possible action plan at end
  7. Doesn’t seek feedback, interest at end

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