1. Uncover your hot buttons
  2. Sell you on their suitability (with or without knowing the specs)
  3. Assess the opportunity
  4. Surface the company’s problems and / or your view of them
  5. Assert knowledge, skill sets or accomplishments on faith
  6. Pull power plays to gain control in the interview
  7. Ask more questions than answer
  8. Cover up their nervousness with stiffness or talkativeness
  9. Avoid answering questions with humor or another question
  10. Give you their life stories (with all the sordid details)

Keep your antennae up for…

  1. Cover up embarrassments or failures
  2. Make a weakness or failure seem like strength or success
  3. Name-drop or use mutual acquaintances as leverage
  4. Use friendliness or attractiveness as leverage
  5. Claim individual credit for a group’s or another’s success
  6. Close you on commitments
  7. Get you to offer them a job
  8. Get the highest possible $
  9. Inflate their statement of interest to get leverage elsewhere
  10. Make a genuinely good impression

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